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I definitely agree that the later seasons were not quite as strong and that yes, you can definitely tell that the writers were different.

The first three seasons are great and the 4th is great too.

The 5th is fairly strong, although is not as good as the first 4.

Season 6 is the one where things get ridiculous- Miles being in the witness protection program was idiotic and a big misstep. Snap Out Of It was just too much. Once In St. Olaf (Rose meeting her monk father) was a bit too much too, but it was handled quite well by the actors. Stand By Your Man was a waste of an episode. Ebbtide's Revenge offered an amazing moment for Estelle Getty and was overall a strong episode, but the inconsistencies with the episode and previous ones were irritating. Sophia had gone to visit Phil twice, the first time for a graduation which ended up not happening and the second time when her granddaughter got married, so Angela stating that she "wouldn't set foot in my house" just didn't make any sense to me.

The episodes I like the most from that season are Melodrama, Ebbtide's Revenge, Blanche Delivers, Sister Of The Bride, Mrs. George Devereaux, Feelings, Zborn Again, If At Last You Do Succeed, How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sophia, There Goes The Bride 1/2, Older And Wiser, and Love For Sale.

Season 7 is a mixed bag for the most part, but has some great stuff in there too. It's just a little sad that it's the last season and you can tell that the actors are aware of that.
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