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Freedom isn't free. Here in Florida the beaches are jumping. Since moving tp Florida one of the events I miss is the Memorial Day parade in Dearborn, Michigan. It's the second-biggest parade in this state (Only the Thanksgiving parade in Detroit is bigger. The Dearborn parade has at least four flyovers (The National Guard flying their jets, followed by some World War II fighters and a bomber or two. Next up are the US Coast Guard Helicopters, (The Army's Golden Knights jump out of one of them). Then some amateur flyers fly over in a "Missing Man" formation. This parade would have marching bands from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines along with bands from every middle and high schools in Dearborn. There are more participants as well, this parade is HUGE. On the other hand we have lots and lots and lots of parades during the holiday season, so I can call thi an even trade. So have some fun on this day, but don't forget those who gave their live so we can be free.
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