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Originally Posted by cgcmgr
Can someone elaborate on this a little more? What is meant by "Talking to Arnold" and "Taking to Al?" What exactly is being said?

I know on the Season 3 DVD there is the 2nd Anniversary Episode which includes Arnold

On the Season 4 DVD there is the 3rd Anniversary Episode which includes Al

I have these as store bought dvds and dvds I purchased off of ioffer, which may contain the aired versions. I'd like to look at them and see if I have both version you guys are talking about here.

So what should I be looking for? Is there a certain spot in the episodes where Fonzie is talking to Arnold about something and then in a later episode talking to Al about the same thing?


He was never talking to Arnold at all. There is the season 2 episode that is repeated in Season 4 with a segment in the beginning with Fonzie is telling Al about him going the Cunninghams for Christmas. Al is reluctant because he was new to the neighborhood then, but then Fonzie reassures him how great the Cunninghams are and welcomes him to come for X-Mas. then he tells the season 2 story and we see the repeated episode.
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