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Heart A to Z - Our crushes fictional names !!

In this thread lets post our crushes, anybody actor/actress in show business that you find attractive and have a crush on! TV, Movies , past or present ! The person doesn't have to be alive ! Just it HAS to be the character they played, not the person's real name!!! Can be a really small role or a major blockbuster role ! And if possible provide a picture of the person in this role but it isn't mandatory!

And when you post the persons fictional name . after that also post the actor or actresses real name !! And it can even be the same person!! If you love this person alot and follow their career, by all means post as many characters they played that you know providing you land on that letter!!!

I'll start !!!

A- Arnold the Room service guy from the movie "Gidget grows up" from 1969 with Karen Valentine ! This is one of Michael Lembeck's first roles ever ! Isn't he cute?

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