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Originally Posted by OKCRay
One other thing I noticed that the Season 4 set has that the others doesn't is the SCREEN GEMS logo at the end of each episode. Nice to see that again!
Yep, season 7 of Bewitched has the Screen Gems logo in the episodes also. Perhaps by popular demand Sony is now including those old logos in their DVD sets. Will have to see what their future releases look like.

With the Partridge Family season 4, it's really painful watching Ricky Segall singing those silly songs. OMG I wonder what the decision makers were thinking when they put Ricky on this show. It wouldn't have been too bad if they would not have allowed him to sing and just be the new neighbor kid next door. Those scenes with him singing are totally atrocious, they are almost unwatchable. Thank goodness he was there for just the first half of the season, I assume the producers realized their mistake and cut Ricky loose during mid season.
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