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I'm a little surprised that Betty didn't show up, but we don't really know what else she had going on, and I heard she did send flowers. I can certainly understand the other two. I mean, Rue just had knee surgery, and Bea is an 86 year old woman who lived on the other side of the country from the funeral. Plus, I've always heard people describe Bea, and in fact Bea describe herself, as being an extremely emotional person. She said that she just couldn't handle the funeral and I can certainly understand that. Plus, she made some comment about how she had been mourning Estelle for a while now. She had dementia for years and hasn't really been with us in that respect for some time. And some people just do not like to go to funerals, and would rather remember people the way they were. I hope her son doesn't continue to make this a big story when it really is not.
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