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Originally Posted by Seth
Since apparently you haven't had the digital in a little while, thought I'd warn you now: SoapNet reset to 1975 again. I'm starting to think the only tapes they bothered to convert for air are 1975-1981
Yeah, I heard about that. I never got to see RH regularly before (except for a couple of one-off chances of being somewhere where SOAPnet is offered...such as when I was in the hospital for a week), so rewinding back to 1975 is not a problem with me. But I know it sucks like hell for the people who are waiting for them to go further into the 80s.

I think you're right about the conversion thing. SOAPnet wants to be this hip network, and I know that airing a (gasp) traditional soap from the 1970s isn't what they see as hip. They'd definitely air the later stuff if they could, I bet, but they probably don't want to waste time converting episodes of a show that they're probably waiting to get rid of (if not for its huge fanbase, I don't think it would still be there). With Frons in charge, nothing would surprise me anymore.
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