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Originally Posted by Impressions
Some other funny quotes from the series:
Dorothy: Ma, Rose isn't talking to me.
Sophia: Enjoy it while it lasts. Now good night.
Blanche: Honey, oh hi Dorothy. Could I talk to you?
Sophia: No, go away.
Blanche: But I can't sleep Sophia and it's all because Rose isn't talking to me.
Sophia: I could care less now get out of my room.
Rose: Sophia?
Sophia: I'm not in. Wait for the beep then leave a message. Beep!
Rose: Hi, this is Rose.
Sophia: Rose, shut up and get in here.
Rose: I see you're with two double crossing ex friends of mine. I'll come back later.
Sophia: What do you think this is the 711? I'm not open all night.
Dorothy: Rose, we feel terrible about what we've done.
Sophia: What've you done?
Blanche: We're really sorry.
Sophia: Sorry about what?
Rose: Sorry isn't good enough. How can I ever trust you again?
Sophia: Trust who?
Dorothy: Please Rose, let's not talk about trust after the terrible things you wrote.
Sophia: Will someone please tell me about what the HELL you're talking about?
Dorothy: Blanche and I read Rose's diary.
Blanche: And she wrote some terrible things about us in there.
Rose: About you? I didn't write about you. I didn't even know you when I kept that diary.
Dorothy: What are you talking about?
Rose: That was my four h diary. I kept it one summer when I was raising two pigs for the country fair.
Blanche: You kept a diary about raising two pigs?
Rose: You know another way how to get a four h pig diary badge?
What episode is this from? I cannot recall it...

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