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Blanche: Well I am abhorred!
Sophia: We know what you are Blanche!
Blanche: Sophia, I said abhorred.
Sophia: Abhorred, A slut, same thing!

Sophia (Walks in the kitchen): Hurray up Dorothy, its time for Temple.
Dorothy: But Ma, its Tuesday, and were Catholic.
Sophia: Oh yeah, it that case, bacon and eggs!

Sophia: Dorothy take a look at my dentures.
Dorothy: Why Ma?
Sophia: I soaked them in Palmolive last night!
Dorothy: Ma, I think your mixing up Madge and Martha Raye again!

Furthur dialog to the Jean loves Rose episode:

Blanche: I don't think you should tell Rose, why she isn't as worldly and sophisticated about these things as IIIII am!

Sophia: Absolutely not, It'll break her heart to find out Danny Thomas was a lesbian!

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