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Default August

-Beast In Heat Triple Feature (Flesh For The Beast, Shadow: Dead Riot, LAte Fee; DVD rerelease): Shriek Show/Media Blasters
-Copycat (Blu-ray): Warner
-Evidence Of A Haunting: Brain Damage
-Exit 33 (special edition): Vicious Circle/Breaking Glass
-4 Film Favorites: Raw Feed Horror(Rest Stop, Rest Stop: Don't Look Back, Sublime, Believers; 4-DVD rerelease): Warner
-4 Film Favorites: Vampires (The Lost Boys, Lost Boys: The Tribe, Lost Boys: The Thirst, Queen Of The Damned; 4-DVD rerelease): Warner
-Julie Darling: Code Red
-Mystery Science Theater 3000 XXI: MST3K VS. GAMERA (Gamera, Gamera VS Barugon, Gamera VS Gaos, Gamera Vs Guiron, Gamera VS Zigra; 5-DVD set): Shout! Factory
-Quarantine 2: Terminal (DVD, Blu-ray): Sony Pictures
-Stake Land (single DVD, 2-DVD special edition, Blu-ray): Dark Sky
-Strigoi: The Undead (special edition): Vicious Circle/Breaking Glass
-The Tenant (2011): Indican
-VS The Dead: Midnight Releasing
-Yellowbrickroad: Vivendi

-Bikini Girls On Ice (DVD, Blu-ray): Well Go USA
-Camp Hell (special edition): Lionsgate
-Choose: IFC/MPI
-The Clinic (rated & unrated DVDs): Image
-Dream Home (2010): IFC/MPI
-Evil Things: Inception Media
-Frat House Massacre (special edition): Synapse
-Super (DVD, Blu-ray): IFC/MPI

-The Colossus Of New York: Olive
-Death Stop Holocaust (special edition): Shriek Show/Media Blasters
-Dexter: The Fifth Season (TK-DVD, TK-Blu-ray sets): Showtime
-The Edison Death Machine: Símore
-Elvira's Movie Macabre: The Brain That Wouldn't Die/The Manster: Entertainment One
-Elvira's Movie Macabre: The Terror/Eegah!: Entertainment One
-The Final Destination (3D Blu-ray): New Line/Warner
-Hush (1998; Blu-ray): Image
-Lizard Boy: Cinema Epoch
-Malibu Shark Attack: Vivendi
-Medium Raw: Night Of The Wolf (special edition): Anchor Bay
-Smile: Image
-Somebody Help Me 2: Codeblack
-The Tenant (2011; Blu-ray): Indican
-The Ward (DVD, Blu-ray): ARC Entertainment

-The Bleeding House: New Video
-By The Devil's Hands: The 666 Killer: World Wide Multi Media
-Closed For The Season (special edition): MTI
-The Eves: Osiris
-Followed Home (special edition): Vanguard
-A Haunting In Salem (3D DVD & Blu-ray): Asylum
-House Of Fallen (rated & unrated DVDs): Phase 4
-Peeping Blog: Creepersin Films
-The Stone: No Soul Unturned (special edition): Reality Ent.
-Super Hybrid (special edition, Blu-ray): Anchor Bay
-Urotsukidoji Ova 1 & 2: Kitty/Media Blasters
-The Troll Hunter (DVD, Blu-ray): Magnet/Magnolia
-X-Cross(Blu-ray): Tokyo Shock/Media Blasters

-Asylum Seekers: Vicious Circle/Breaking Glass
-Bereavement (special edition, Blu-ray): Anchor Bay
-A Big Box Of Zombies (Teenage Zombies, Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies, I Eat Your Skin, Superargo, Hand of Power [aka The Zombie Walks], King of the Zombies, Revolt of the Zombies, She Demons, 4 DVDs): Símore
-Blood Simple (Blu-ray/DVD combo): MGM
-Children Of The Corn: Genesis (DVD, Blu-ray): Dimension Extreme
-The Coffin (special edition): Vicious Circle/Breaking Glass
-Deadgirl (Blu-ray): Dark Sky
-The Nightmare Before Christmas (3D Blu-ray/DVD combo): Disney
-Outcast: Indomina/Vivendi
-The Phantom Carriage (special edition, Blu-ray): Criterion
-Roadkill (2011): Vivendi
-Torso (new special edition, Blu-ray): Blue Underground
-The Twilight Zone: Season 5 (5-Blu-ray set): Image
-The Uh-Oh Show (special edition): Shriek Show/Media Blasters
-The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Second Season (5-DVD, 4-Blu-ray sets): Warner
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