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Default 'Mimic' Gets the Platinum Treatment

Guillermo del Toro fans, rejoice! Lionsgate is set to release an all-new, super-special, totally tricked-out blu-ray edition of Mimic. One of del Toro's earlier directorial efforts, Mimic stars Mira Sorvino as an entomologist who creates a strain of super-cockroaches to combat some regular roaches who are carrying a disease that is killing kids. Who would have thought that plan wouldn't go well? After the jump, check out the goodies you can expect on Mimic: The Director's Cut.
The director's cut includes seven minutes of restored footage which "introduces subtle character moments" (translation: seven minutes that bored studio execs and brainless audiences). New goodies include featurettes on the creatures, shooting in the caves, and del Toro's vision; video prologue and audio commentary from del Toro; deleted scenes; storyboards; and a gag reel.
Mimic: The Director's Cut hits stores September 27th.

(Thanks JamesG)
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