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Originally Posted by CDThe1
I don't really think of the flashbacks as true "episodes." They can be rather enjoyable at times. The only thing I hate about the flashback ones are that they show a couple of seconds of a funny clip, then a 10 minute clip of something that wasn't great.

But as far as episodes, I hate the "Empty Nest" as much as anyone else. I tend to hate those episodes that aren't true to the characters that we had come to know and love.

I would never think Dorothy would fall for some Beatles impersonator, and no man would ever control Blanche and she wouldn't take his attitude. Neither woman would do those things.

Also, everybody was much more concerned about one another when the show started. It seemed in the later years, everyone was more insulting to each other.
The thing with the flashback episodes-- sometimes they were scenes from previous episodes, which are a waste, but sometimes, the flashbacks were new material, like the "Mother's Day" themed when we met Alice Ghostly as Dorothy's mother-in-law, and Blanche's mother in a rest home. And the flashbacks with Sophia & Sal in Brooklyn are sometimes fun.
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