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Originally Posted by 70s show watcher
he also fired bud grant who was still doing a decent job as head of programing and replaced him with kim lemasters who was probably the second worst entertainment head of any network ever theonly progamer who was worse than lemasters imho was jeff zucker of nbc
For the sake of the argument, here's an examination of Kim LeMasters' regime at CBS:

As the chief programmer for the network, Mr. LeMasters made the key decisions on the selection of prime-time shows and their scheduling for the last two years. The network has been last in the ratings throughout Mr. LeMasters tenure as president of entertainment and has not added a significant hit program in five years. No new CBS series has regularly placed in the weekly Nielson top-10 list since ''Murder, She Wrote'' was added to the schedule in 1984

In addition, the network has continued to be unsuccessful in attracting the younger viewers most sought by advertisers. The audience for CBS programs is dominated by viewers over 50.

The network made some improvement in the early hours of its prime-time schedule this fall, and this was one of Mr. LeMasters's stated goals. He said yesterday that he believed CBS had strengthened its programming at 8 P.M. on three nights. They Came. They Saw. They Left. But much of CBS's improvement came in the early weeks of the season after an expensive promotional campaign. CBS's programs have lost ground since September, and three have already been removed from the schedule.
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