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Originally Posted by bandonurse
Foreign Exchange bothered me because, despite the medical test results that Sophia tore up, it was obvious that she was not Dorothy's biological mother. Who wanted to learn that????

I must admit, however, that the scene where Gina walked in looking much closer to Sophia's height and with big glasses and a straw purse over her arm was very funny.
There is an episode, "Mother's Day," in season 3 where Bea Arthur plays her grandmother in a flashback, so there is that family resemblance to fall back on.

I'm watching the series in order right now, and there is a big drop off in quality towards the end of season three. So far I would say that "Larceny and Old Lace," and "Mister Terrific" are the worst, but really the last episodes in season 3 are not very entertaining at all.
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