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I was a boy about a year younger than her and enjoyed looking at her wearing her jeans and looking at her nice butt, lamenting that girls like that in my high school would not give me the time of day. I am not trying to be trollish when I talk about Ms. Bateman's figure, but the girl was gorgeous. The writers choice of that Nick guy to be her boyfriend was interesting, because in real life, Mallory would be dating a jock or a face-man, not a 25 year old Fonzie wannabe. But this show did take chances and did different thing than other "family" series.

I would have to say that every white teenager from the suburbs watched this show. I know the theme song by heart and I haven't seen an episode in about 20 years. There was even a poor kid in my class named Michael J Fox and there was a small Michael J. Fox cliche fan club of geeky film student like dudes. If I had to point out a seminal TV program of teenagers in the early 1980's, this was it.
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