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Gary Coleman, we'll miss you!
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Originally Posted by Stuck In The '70's
Yea but that's when the show jumped the shark. lol I know and Dudley, Robbie and Lisa are still around.

Yes they are. Forgot about them.

Shavar (Dudley) Ross has his own production co, has a son and daughter, is married and is doing well. He also became a priest or minister at one time. HE ALSO, began appearing on Strokes when HE was a little boy as well.

He later went on to to do guest appearances in such sitcoms as Amen, Fresh Prince of BelAire and others. He also appeared in one of the Friday the 13th sequels - the 5th one.

He was later asked by the producers to do another sequel to the film in which his character was going to be killed off, but he respectfully decined it. I'm so glad that he chose not to do it, because I didn't want to see him get "killed" off!

Miraculously, he was able to successfully avoid the pitfalls, trials and tribulations that Dana, Todd and Gary went through with their turbulent lives. I commend HIM as well and wish him continued success in what he does!!
Farewell, Gary Coleman. In fond loving memories of you.


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