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I just finished this book (took one day to read), which I borrowed from my library. Not an interesting book in any respect.

Sorry folks, but Bridges comes off as the professional victim - everyone was out to get him from 'day one' (starting with his father). Though at the end he says he takes responsibilities for most of his poor decisions, he really doesn't get that message across in the book - it's just the opposite. Everyone (from his dad, to Coleman, to the LAPD) was 'out to get him', and he plays the victim rather well. Some of his 'memories' don't add up, which makes me question the validity of his statements.

It's too bad, because I have always liked Bridges. I really was interested in his life story, and was looking forward to this book. I liked him the best on DS, and always thought he was one of the most talented child actors of my childhood (he's just a couple of years younger than I). I've often wondered how far his career would have gone if he made some better decisions....but we'll never know since everyone conspired against him (so he says).
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