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Default The Lucy Show - The Official Second Season DVD Review

The Lucy Show makes a magnificent return to DVD, with all 28 color episodes from the official Second Season, digitally remastered on 4 discs! This great series was a Top Ten hit its entire run, with classic episodes brilliantly performed by TV's greatest clown. This season, Lucy Carmichael, Lucille Ball, encounters her greatest foil yet in the form of Theodore J. Mooney, Gale Gordon, the long-suffering bank president who controls her trust fund. Typically, Lucy always needs an advance on her allowance--and Mr. Mooney always turns her down, with hilarious results!

Also returning are Vivian Vance (I Love Lucy) as Lucy's best friend Vivian, Candy Moore, as Lucy's teenage daughter Chris, Jimmy Garrett, as Lucy's young son Jerry, and Ralph Hart, as Vivian's son Sherman. Between Lucy and Viv's wild antics--and Mr. Mooney's slow burn--nothing can top The Lucy Show!

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