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EXCL: Video Interview with Halloween II's Danielle Harris
Source:Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor
August 24, 2009

Annie Brackett's back in writer-director Rob Zombie's Halloween II, and you might say she's damaged goods this time around. What else would you expect from an encounter with Michael Myers that leaves her topless and carved up.

Reprising her role as Brackett is the lovely Danielle Harris. Zombie's sequel to his divisive 2007 remake marks the fourth time this actress has co-starred in the franchise since she hopped on the horror scene in 1988's Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.

Since then, she has become a fan darling, appearing at conventions and starring in various genre fare. I sat down with Harris to talk about her sophomore run with the Brackett role in Zombie's latest picture.

Halloween II opens on August 28.
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