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Mmmmm, Sophia was perhaps less blunt 100% of the time in the later seasons, but the stroke thing was still very much in place. The original writers obviously wanted to flesh out the character more as the seasons went on, especially in Season's 3 & 4. The new writers continued in this vein in the 5th season, but Sophia most certainly got meaner in the last two seasons, mostly towards Dorothy. Her insults towards her went a little too far. Dorothy bashing in general went too far. In general, the quality of the show does go down after Season 5, with the new writers coming up with too many outlandish things in order to compensate for the lack of strong, refreshing new ideas. Season 5 does have aspects of this too although much less so then 6 & 7, which is why the Season remains a strong one in my opinion.

Dorothy most definitely changes from Season 4 on and in my opinion it's because of the fact that she has let go of the terrible anger that she had towards Stan. Yes, she got some closure after Guess Who's Coming To The Wedding? and was able to be civil to Stan(up to a point lol), but after having been married for 38 years and how that marriage ended must have made her extremely angry towards life in general, so her patience was definitely short until she finally let go of that anger.
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