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Originally Posted by Torgo
Went with my daughter to see It last night. Loved it!!! A really well done scary film, Pennywise is no longer camp

y, but downright scary like he was in the book. All of the kids did an amazing job.

Though I'm not the biggest fan of the miniseries, I still appreciate its fandom, and recognize Curry's Pennywise as a horror icon. But the new movie for me is how It should be.

This film, and previously with Annabelle Creation, and films like Get Out, Don't Breathe, It Follows are really helping to restore my faith in mainstream American horror, good to know I don't have to just rely on indie or foreign to get my horror fix.

Very cool!!! We are seeing IT on Thursday for sure!! Like I said before from the trailer it looked really good and scary!!

Glad to hear you liked IT Torgo, I totally trust your judgement on this movie genre!!
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