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I'll tell ya some Big Mess-Ups

Letting American Idol go on for too long

Sure it was successful with Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, don't care for Ryan Seacrest though

I watched the 1st Season when Kelly Clarkson won and that was it, but my friends kept talkin' about the show and I was oh so sick and tired of hearing about it

Thank GOD for the Voice though

Plus, when NBC Sunday Night Football in 2011 which is the season in which Peyton Manning had a neck injury and little brother Eli won his 2nd Super Bowl def. the Patriots again knocked AI out of the #1 Spot, I was SO happy about that

also, House, M.D., it was a good show, but letting go of Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron and having the show focus more on Dr. Thirteen started goin' downhill, but the biggest blow was letting go of Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy and after 8 seasons, I'll betcha Hugh Laurie Dr. House himself said "Let's End This Son of a (word that rhymes w/rich)"

and also, cancelling Greed was a HUGE Mess-Up, I mean, it was the biggest competitor to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and it was, IMO, 10x better than Millionaire w/Regis

But in the 97/98 Season, FOX Thursday Nights saw a change in the cast of 2 shows

Living Single - The show was so funny, I even like the show WAY better than Friends (both shows were produced by Warner Bros. Television) although LS came out 1 year before Friends, but the Final Season saw a change in the cast, replacing T.C. Carson as Kyle Barker with Mel Jackson as Ira Lee "Tripp" Williams was a HUGE Mess-Up

New York Undercover - The series that was Created and Produced by Dick Wolf and Wolf Films in association with Universal Television (now NBC-Universal Television) the man behind Law & Order, The NEW Dragnet, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Players w/Ice-T and Mia Korf

Wolf also had a hand in the Mega-80's TV Series Miami Vice

My dad and I use to watch NYU and it was a great show, Malik Yoba as J.C. Williams who was the only person to appear in all 89 episodes, Michael DeLorenzo as Det. Eduardo "Eddie" Torres, Patti D'Arbanville-Quinn as Lt. Virginia Cooper, Lauren Valez as Det. Nina Moreno-Torres and Jonathan LaPaglia as Det. Tommy McNamara were great on the show, however, the changes of cast is what killed the show

Season 4 was a disaster like killing off Michael de Lorenzo's character of Eddie Torress and havin' Nina and J.C. hook up on the show didn't help the show do wonders and replacing Torres and McNamara with Det. Nell Delaney played by Marisa Ryan best known as Elizabeth Cooper McGillis in another Universal Television Series Major Dad and Det. Alec Stone played by Josh Hopkins didn't do the show wonders either and the biggest one of all was replacing Lt. Cooper with Lt. Malcolm Barker played by Tommy Ford best known as Tommy "I ain't got no job" Strawn on the recently cancelled Fox Sitcom Martin

Cooper had the poise, the passion and she was no nonsense, but Malcolm was too much of a pushy guy, not to mention, using his lie, cheat and steal tactics didn't help out either

and another problem with NYU was changing the theme song

The 1st theme that was used during the 1st 3 seasons was great and was a great fit for the show, but the theme to the Final Season didn't fit the show at all

NYU and Living Single were both cancelled along w/New York Undercover's Sister Show Players on NBC
Lisa Marie Varon, Lisa Moretti, Jazz, Lilian Garcia & Dawn Marie
The Fab 5-Underrated, but AWESOME in my book

Atlanta Falcons: RISE UP

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