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"Heil Honey, I'm Home" might be okay for a cutting-edge sketch on MadTv, but, as a series, definitely a train wreck...

However, Hogan's Heroes could have spawned some awful spinoffs:

That Darn Klink

At the end of the war, Klink is arrested and put before an allied tribunal. He is eventually judged to have been too stupid to have committed any war crimes, and, after a short detention, gets a job as a bookkeeper working for the occupational forces. Each week there is a hilarious snafu-----for instance, receiving 500,000 rolls of toilet paper, but no food or office supplies. Highlights include Klink attending the executions of Maj. Hochstetter and Gen. Burkhalter----and rubbing his hands gleefully over finally having found an advantage to being an idiot.
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