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So, today is 3 weeks ago that I had my breast reduction. I went in for my 3-week follow-up visit with my surgeon today... When he operated on me, he used dissolving sutures under the skin, and steri-strips on my chest itself. If you don't know what steri-strips look like, they look like this (work-safe, it's just a picture of someone's ankle with steri-strips on it). Little pieces of white tape that holds an incision wound together so it can heal. It's a great alternative to external sutures. Anyway, I had the steri-strips removed today and OMG THAT FELT SO NICE. Because of the way I had to be operated on, they had to be positioned as high as they could, for maximum healing. Which has been really obnoxious and annoying for the past 3 weeks... No washing them directly or getting them wet, things like that.

Now that the stupid buggers are gone, I can shower and bathe again and REALLY wash them! OMG what a nice feeling. Oh, and I can vacuum again and pick up my fat-ass ~15ish pound cat again.
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