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Default Spirit on Eve's show

I think since they didnt write her into the script for One on One, cuz they wanted to change the direction of the show, that it would have been cool/nice to add her to Eve's show. Cuz Eve and her friends work in a Fashion Business and we all know that spirit loved designing clothes and wanted to pursue that as a career and they could have had her to come and be an intern and start working for them after high school while attending college. Like she could have even been kin to eve or janie( i.e their cousin or janie's lil sister). I just cant take not being able to see her in a show on upn or any network. i am just so use to seeing her on One on One that being on Eve or some other show would be better. Maybe mid- or next season she could get written into their script if people write to upn and suggest it. If u think its a good or bad idea write back.
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