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Originally Posted by KentB3
1.) I Love Lucy
2.) All in the Family
3.) The Andy Griffith Show
4.) The Dick Van Dyke Show
5.) The Mary Tyler Moore Show
6.) The Cosby Show
7.) M*A*S*H
8.) Cheers
9.) Home Improvement
10.) The Big Bang Theory

11.) The Honeymooners
12.) The Bob Newhart Show
13.) Happy Days
14.) The Golden Girls
15.) Who's the Boss?

1.) Anything But Love
2.) Green Acres
3.) The Ropers
4.) Three's a Crowd
5.) Marblehead Manor
6.) Bob
7.) Clueless
8.) Bless this House
9.) 2 Broke Girls
10.) Cavemen

Your picks?
An explanation in case some of you aren't familiar with Three's a Crowd. This was a follow-up show to Three's Company, with only John Ritter retained from the original show's cast. Also, Bob was a show-lived sitcom starring Bob Newhart that premiered in 1992 and was cancelled halfway through its second season.
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