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Default Report to Murphy

By looking down this page, I can see that two of my threads have thirty views and zero replies. Thirty years ago was 1982. I have mentioned on several occasions that, my favorite and my second favorite episode of "Gimme a Break!" were both broadcast in 1982. For those of you who have not read those threads, my favorite was "Katie Steals Julie's Jock" and my second favorite was the "Emergency". I have also mentioned other things that went on during that year. Anyone who is interested can go ahead and read, "Barbara Mandrell" and "Jim Thorpe". In any event, I would now like to commemorate the thirty views of the two threads on this page by mentioning a short-lived sitcom that came out that year. The sitcom debuted on CBS and it was called "Report to Murphy". Has anyone here ever heard of it? I do not think that I ever saw an episode, but I remember seeing the ads for it. I have recently researched this topic and learned that Michael Keaton was the star. I also learned that only six episodes were made!
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