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My city used to have lots of grocery stores but now we only have three grocery stores in my area and when Mom and I would go grocery shopping we used to get all of our groceries at Albertson's and they had great prices on groceries and every time we would go grocery shopping I always looked forward to going to Albertson's because I looked forward to a trip to Ross Dress For Less after the grocery shopping was done and I would buy a new purse or backpack but then another grocery store brought Albertson's and then the prices for groceries weren't the same. In the country I have two grocery stores and one of them has been in business since the 50's and even with a name change it's still the same and Mom often goes there for groceries she can't find anywhere else but when a new shopping center opened up in the 80's the grocery store that the shopping center had opened up stole some of the other grocery store's customers and it's prices are good but the grocery store doesn't have many of the stuff they have featured in their sale ads. Another store that Mom and I go to sometimes is Smart And Final and we first heard about Smart And Final from my grandfather and we thought it was impressive and it has very good prices for groceries and they have giant boxes of almost every food you can think of. Lastly here's some secret advice that might help you when you are shopping for cheap groceries. If you want the best prices on eggs or snacks I recommend you head to CVS Pharmacy and you'll be amazed at what great eggs CVS Pharmacy has and not to mention their bagged popcorn tastes delicious too
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