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Oh No

Originally Posted by tiredmike59
These were our pro basketball teams;

ST.LOUIS HAWKS (NBA) 1955-1968 won championship in 1958

SPIRITS OF ST.LOUIS (ABA) 1974-1976 notable players, Moses Malone,Maurice Lucas,Marvin Barnes. The team merged into the NBA
True...And Missouri deserves an NBA Franchise...I think Kansas City should have a team, maybe have the Kings return there. There's been rumors that St. Louis may go to L.A., but I think Jacksonville should go to L.A.

For Cleveland Sports...I think of the film "A Boy Named Charlie Brown"...

Linus: Winning Isn't Everything

Charlie: But Losing Isn't Anything!

Linus: You know, Charlie Brown, they say we learn more from losing than from winning.

Charlie: Then that must make me the smartest person in the world.

Well...why the **** isn't Cleveland the smartest city in the world?! Did we get Young Einstein rather than the older one (Einstein struggled in school when he was young)....
Thank God for kids who love Obscure Things.

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