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Originally Posted by Mike82 View Post
Haven't we learned by now that many people do falsely confess to crimes? Perhaps he was trying to frame someone else and otherwise knew nothing about the case other than what was common knowledge or maybe he is just delusional? After all, if he really did "hang around the store" a lot, surely somebody would have noticed this especially since it was a ladies clothing store. There is also the fact that there was no sign of a struggle: according to the confession she would surely have had defensive wounds because they were "arguing" (read: face to face) before the knife came out.

As much as we consider ourselves to be UM experts we are not detectives, psychologists or a forensic scientists. There are some real sickos in the world but that doesn't automatically make them murderers.
What was the goober in the JonBenet Ramsey case?

Look at the Jessie Miskelley confessions for a classic example of cops leading someone to a confession.

Confessions are only as good as the source they come from. In the above, you had one person mentally ill and the other mentally disabled.
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