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Originally Posted by Labonte18 View Post
Well, that whole story.. She married a guy like 12 years older than her, married him so that he would avoid Contributing to Delinquency of a minor charges.. They were only married 5 months and were set to divorce.. He stole about 10 sticks of dynamite from his job and blew them both up, and killed a little girl who was just walking by.

Just.. Interesting.. That happened right about here.

The photo store is where Elaine worked, was Donti's Restaurant in '57. the Antique store is where he was parked in front of. The girl who was killed was thrown through the plate glass window of what I would assume is now that bakery across the street at 528, apparently was a clothing store at the time.

One other.. Kinda weird thing.. Her husband's name was.. DePew. Arthur DePew.
That makes it even worse! That puts this whole situation just slightly below the caliber of Christophe Day!
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