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Default Ranking America's Got Talent: the Champions Finalists (Spoilers)

My rank of the America's Got Talent finalists in order from best to worst.

1. sand artist Kseniya Simonova- While there are several good acts (2-6 on my list would all be good winners), it would be nice if this lady won, nothing like it has been seen on the US shows and is unique.
2. Paul Potts- fantastic voice, his 2nd performance was stronger than the first time.
3. Cristina Ramos
4. Susan Boyle
5. Darci Lynne
6. Angelica Hale
7. Deadly Games
8. Brian Justin Crum
9. Jon Dorenbos- while magicians are not generally my favorite, he is much better than Shin Lim, the other one left. Was Jon still part of the Eagles when they won their championship last year?
10. Kechi Okwuchi- While a decent singer she is the weakest of the singers who made it to the finale. Simon gave her the golden buzzer because of her story, like he gave the golden buzzer to the cancer survivor a few years ago.
11. Shin Lim- totally overrated and did not deserve to win last year. May he not repeat.
12. Preacher Lawson- I can't stand him, go away. And shame on "Preacher" for using that name and insulting hundreds of genuine good preachers.
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