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Default Bill Cosby IS Innocent and I have PROOF!!!

According to his recent Instagram post (seen here at, with picture from said post attached to this message, contrary to Public Belief, Bill Cosby, in his 2005 Deposition, NEVER admitted to Drugging OR Sexually Assaulting Women WITHOUT either their Consent OR Knowledge!!!

If the picture IS NOT enough to prove Dr. Cosby's innocence, then what the Hell does?

Before his April 2018 Conviction on Indecent Sexual Assault Charges IN SPITE of his Innocence, William Henry Cosby, Jr. accomplished a lot, and though many of his Honorary Degrees have been Rescinded and Revoked since even before his Conviction IN SPITE of his Innocence of all Criminal Charges against him.

Let's get to the beginning, shall we: the life of Dr. Bill Cosby (and yes, his Doctorate in Education earned in 1976 is STILL valid as of this writing) began on July 12, 1937 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where William Henry Cosby, Jr. was born to Career Navyman William Henry Cosby, Sr. and his wife, the former Anna Pearl, who eventually gave Bill, Jr. a younger brother, Russell ("whom he slept with," as Dr. Cosby joked in his early stand-up comedy in the 1960s).

A class clown as a teenager, Bill Cosby, at age 17, after flunking 10th Grade--TWICE--initially Dropped Out of High School before deciding, at age 18, to voluntarily Enlist in the U.S. Navy, during which time he earned his GED.

After being Honorably Discharged from the Navy, Bill enrolled as a student at Temple University in Philadelphia, where he was a full-time student by Day and part-time Bartender at night; one source claimed that Bill would tell jokes while Bartending, an experience eventually leading Bill to drop out of college at age 25, in 1962, to pursue a full-time stand-up comedy career.

3 years later, in September 1965, Dr. Bill Cosby, then age 28, became the first African-American to star in a Prime-Time Network Drama Series with "I Spy," which aired until April 1968 for 3 years on NBC, where Dr. Cosby appeared opposite the late Robert Culp, who was White Caucasian American.

After "I Spy," Dr. Cosby followed the success with a string of short-lived series, the most notable being "The Bill Cosby Show" for 2 years in 1969.

He also hosted 2 variety shows in the '70s: "The New Bill Cosby Show" on CBS in 1972, and "Cos" on ABC in 1976; both shows lasted less than a year.

In early 1984, Dr. Cosby conceived and created the idea for what eventually became "The Cosby Show"; after ABC passed over on the project, rival network NBC picked up the concept before the May 1984 Pilot even taped, on the condition that Dr. Cosby DID NOT work in Hollywood, hence why the Thursday-night Juggernaut hit Videotaped entirely in front of a live Studio Audience--initially at JC Studios in New York City, New York before moving permanently in 1987 to nearby Kaufman-Astoria Studios in New York City.

For the next 8 years, September 20, 1984 - April 30, 1992, "The Cosby Show" was an NBC juggernaut until Dr. Cosby, despite still successful ratings Thursday nights on NBC opposite then-infant FOX cartoon "The Simpsons," retired "The Cosby Show" after 201 half-hour episodes.

He followed this success with 2 different shows on CBS: "Cosby," where he reunited for 4 years from 1996-2000 professionally with "Cosby Show" wife Phylicia Rashad, and "Kids Say the Darndest Things," a short-lived 2-year spin-off of "Art Linkletter's House Party" from January 9, 1998 - April 28, 2000.

After "Kids Say" ended, Dr. Cosby, in 2004, had a Consensual Sexual Encounter (despite being STILL married to wife Camille as of this writing, with 3 of their 5 adult children still living, as well as 3 young grandchildren) with Andrea Constand, then age 33, a woman who in 2005 settled with Dr. Cosby for an undisclosed amount ON the condition from Bruce Castor that Cosby would NEVER be Criminally Prosecuted--a Settlement Cosby would regret.

In late 2015, newly-elected Pennsylvania Prosecutor Kevin Steele used a legal Trickery to have Dr. Cosby Criminally Prosecuted on FALSE Indecent Sexual Assault allegations; after an initial 2017 Mistrial, a 2nd jury found Dr. Cosby GUILTY of all 3 counts against him on April 26, 2018; that September, 5 months later, the Presiding Judge, Steven O'Neill, a fellow legal Crook, sentenced Dr. Cosby to a minimum THREE years in State Prison, 4 1/2 months of which have Passed as of this writing.

As duly noted, if this IS NOT enough to prove the Innocence of Dr. William Henry Cosby, Jr., then what the Hell does?

I should point out the Instagram post was posted not by Dr. Cosby himself, but rather his Publicist, Andrew Wyatt. #FREEBILL
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