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Smile Segregation of the episodes of Laverne & Shirley

My room mates and I have begun seperating the episodes of Laverne & Shirley into 3 distinct categories, all based on Shirley; Sexy Shirley, Sucky Shirley, and Non Shirley.

Sexy Shirley episodes are the earliest ones, where she has the cute pixie-ish haircut that is such a dark brown that it's almost black. I would give *anything* to date a woman who looked like Sexy Shirley!

Sucky Shirley episodes are the ones where for some weird reason Shirley decided to grow her hair longer and start dying it a lighter color. In some Sucky Shirley episodes, her hair is nearly the same color as Laverne's!

And then we come to the Non Shirley Episodes, which have more testicular fortitude than any show in the history of television. How can you kep the title "Laverne & Shirley" without Shirley present? It's like Sanford without Son... Chico without The Man... Rocky without Bullwinkle!

My room mates refuse to watch the Non-Shirley episodes, but I will occasionally force myself to watch them. I think it is important to watch these episodes, just to remind ourselves that no matter how good a concept is, sometimes you should just let it go...
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