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FYI, here's a link to Julia's story: It's nice to know things have worked out in the end.

Originally Posted by julia arnaz
hi my name is Julia Arnaz aka Julia Howe, I legally have changed my name after my DNA was done w/ my father Desi jr in 1990, 99.93 percent I am indeed a Arnaz. thank you for some of your nice comments, and I am sorry for those who truly do not understand the whole story. My father has stepped up to the plate and we are working on a strong and healthy relationship now for 16 years.He is paying for his only granddaughter's college, and has put me through many rehabs.
I am happy to say I live drug free, from that horrible drug called cocaine.
I never knew this site existied about me until my daughter Desiree showed me, so i felt I shold post on my behalf and my family and myself.All my best to you guys here on this thred, truly Julia Arnaz"Cook"
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