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Default My grandmother Lucille ball

Hi to all I really want to make something clear, My grandmother never gave birth to a child in 1947. This women somehow managed to get her story out to the press, and in the mean time tryed to tarnish my grandmother and grandfather Desi sr good name, shame on her. I got proof that this women lied about alot of thing's I got this information from her sister, the one she claimed was her lawyer the whole time, WELL I got a hold of this women and she couldnt believe her name was being used through out the whole story.
The things she told me about CC were not surprising, I knew this story did not make sense, besides my Father Desi jr laughed at the whole story, and told me it was just NOT TRUE. Its sad this girl obviousely has some problems acording to her foster sister and she said " she is crazier then a bed of nails"
her exact word's. so with that said I kind of feel sorry for someone who has the need to fabricate such a story, and in the mean time try and discredit ME and my family. so this story is over.. I wish I could go public to clear my poor granparents name, but lets face it, no one really cares about this story, my grandparents are long gone, so lets let them rest in peace. Truly Julia Arnaz.
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