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Originally Posted by TMC
I haven't been posting for a while because somehow I've been in a serious funk. There have been so many things on my mind as of late whether it be my school work, feeling a desire to change my lifestyle habits, and feeling anxious about the incoming year.

For one reason or another, by last Thursday, I was somewhat of a physical and emotional wreck. I had little desire to eat, I was tired and full of remorse, guilt, worry, and self-doubt. Not just about the past but my immediate future. I think that talking about it and going outside to take on new experiences has slowly helped me get better. I'm not completely "recovered" yet, but it won't happen over night.
Yes. For sure.

I am a woman of a certain age, facing menopause and I go through hormonal changes which at times have made me very depressed and self loathing. I am in a better place at the moment but I definitely understand the feeling of being in a mental funk. I worry about the future and being all alone. I think we all have those kind of feelings and it is important to talk about them and address them. I wish you well and enjoy reading the articles you post. I think exercise is very helpful with my anxiety and depression issues so inspired by your post I am going to hit the treadmill and eat more nutritiously. Sometimes I get so discouraged I don't even bother to take my own medicines which is just stupid and careless on my part. Sometimes I think I get in my own way if you know what I mean. I am glad you brought this issue up, a lot of us I am sure can relate to the issue of depression and you were brave enough to speak out about it. Thank you, TMC.

God Bless.
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