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Originally posted by Big TAGS Fan
Actually, you all are correct. The version that charbot posted was used for the pilot, then the updated, edited version that we all know (the one that Brandon 2006 posted) was used for the first first few seasons. Then the theme gradually changed over the years to the version that TJ posted, which just has the chorus only.
Actully, the one TJ posted is the original ABC opening theme song for Seasons 6-8. The one Brandon 2006 posted is the syndicated version for seasons 1-5, and the one charbot posted is the original ABC opening for season 1-5. The syndicated version for season 6-8 goes like this:

Everywhere You Look, Everywhere You Go
Is a heart (Is a heart)
A hand to hold onto.
Everywhere You Look, Everywhere You Go
Is a face
Of somebody who needs you
Everywhere you look
When youre lost out there
And youre all alone
A light is waiting to carry you home
Everywhere you look
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