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Default Ellen's Torpedoes

Two thread below this one is one started by me called "Broken Down Barriers". This thread has to do with topics that were once considered taboo on television, but that shows like "All in the Family" were very daring about. These topics included sex, religion, politics, war and the bathroom habits of both people and animals. Well, by the time that shows like, "Gimme a Break!" came along, they took these topics and went even further with them than "All in the Family". Think back to episodes that mentioned such things as birth control, homosexuality and one sister telling another sister to go stuff some padding into her bra! Well, about a decade after "Gimme a Break!" we have shows like "Will and Grace" that went even further than "Gimme a Break!". Over on that show's page, somebody started a thread about the possibility of a company renewing the rights to that show on DVD. I responded by writing about how, if it comes back to DVD, I hope that the new set includes an incident in which the character of Grace reveals that she had been putting her husband's neck pillow in between her butt and the toilet seat! Well, in between then and now, somebody brought another thread to the top of that page. This had to do with the network's plans on bring that series back for twelve episodes. This would be twelve new episodes with the same actors and actresses in modern times. One of the people that responded mentioned the idea of bringing back the characters of Rob and Ellen. Reading this made me think of an episode in which Ellen referred to her own bosoms and torpedoes! I responded to this response by writing about how I would love to see and hear something like that again! That thread is currently at the top of that show's page and my reply is the most recent. I hope that some of you will check it out!
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