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Post Doesn't Miles Belong in "Home Again?"

Originally Posted by sodalake
I thought Dorothy marrying Lucas was all very silly. It would have made more sense to have him come on the scene earlier in the season and dated Dorothy for awhile and then have the two of them get married in the finale.

I agree it might have been better for Dorothy to have remarried Stan. If they had only waited and not had them attempt at remarrying the previous season, they could have used that as the finale with Debbie Reynolds joining the cast to replace Dorothy. It would have been far better than all the silly storylines with Stan going to therapy with that fake monkey crap.

Regarding Miles...He made his last appearance on the show in the episode "Rose: Portrait of a Woman" that aired on March 7, 1992. It was strange to me that he made no appearance in the following episodes "Home Again, Rose" which was a two-part episode when Rose had her open heart surgery or in the series finale episode.

I guess at some point he and Rose stopped seeing each other because on Golden Palace, Rose was upset over him getting married. I never did really understand what happened between them.

New here!

I realize it’s a bit off-topic, but Miles and Rose are kind of a favorite GG sub-topic of mine, so to answer sodalake’s question:

In an earlier episode of Golden Palace, the third one, I think, Miles has been neglecting Rose, and Blanche finds what she thinks is evidence of his cheating. Now, what she sees isn’t what it seems, but Miles, to prevent the whole issue from coming between Rose and Blanche, confesses that he has met someone else he cares about and is “confused.”

While he’s not as bad as some of the jerks we’ve seen on either show, he just isn’t the same Miles of GG. If you remember, most of the GG episodes involving Miles involved ROSE’s confusion about the relationship: she found things about Miles she didn’t like; she thought she might be interested in someone else; or she couldn’t quite make a commitment. And Miles always either fought for her, waited for her, or tried harder to please her. Then, he literally risks his life for her in at least two episodes: jumping out of a plane, and then breaking out of the Witness Protection Program. Come on – a year or two ago he defied the mob and the feds for her, and now he’s not sure how he feels?

So, I know it’s not really the answer to the question here, but I would really want to re-write the Golden Palace episodes where he meets this other woman Fern, and then marries her.

There’s no indication in GG that they’ve broken up. They both go a little crazy in Mid-Winter Night’s Dream, after talking marriage, and decide they’re not ready. Actually, there, Miles seems a little more like he is in Golden Palace – not as romantic, not as sure he’s in love with Rose. If that were the last appearance of Miles, we might think they were “taking a step back,” from each other. But then Rose: Portrait of a Woman (with the boudoir photography) comes right after that.

I agree with sodalake that the Dorothy/Lucas thing happens too fast, and I wouldn’t have written that. But I really felt like Miles belonged in the last FOUR episodes, the last two two-parters – “Home Again Rose,” and “One Flew Out…” Because if you think about it, they’re both big events in Rose’s life. Even though it’s Dorothy getting married, it’s the shakeup of Rose’s household. For some reason, she thinks it means she has to move out of Blanche’s house (I don’t really understand why) so you’d think she’d at least be thinking over her future with Miles. And even though she says he’s out of town at the beginning of “Home Again Rose,” you would think he’d be around when she was that seriously ill – even though he would have had the same problem at the hospital that the girls had – not being considered family. Nowadays people don’t stay in a hospital very long after surgery, but back then, I think Rose would have been in the hospital a while, and when they have the party, it seems like she has been. Consider that she and Miles met at the beginning of Season 5…if time was passing at all like it does in real life, they’d been together over two years.

And I know it still isn’t what FBH75 asked, because it isn't the finale, but I really wanted to re-write parts of Portrait of a Woman. I’m sorry, I know Blanche can be very entertaining, but that little speech she makes to Rose at career day (“If you don’t make yourself more interesting to Miles you’re going to lose him…”) is NOT something a real friend says. I would have liked Miles to find out about that and assure Rose she doesn’t have to be, well, Blanche, to be appealing to him.

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