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What I don't understand is why Checking In had to be cancelled. I was the pilot and 3rd episode at a TV place in NYC, and it was excellent. I also looked in the Neilson Ratings archive, and the show debuted at a strong #12, but then fell in the 30's and 40's. I also don't unstand the hilarious show Oh Madeline's cancellation...because it was a minor-hit in the ratings and was just so ranked at #33 in the end. Gloria was an OK show that should have probably gotten another season...but I think by then, the AITF writers didn't know what was funny and what wasn't. And the biggest one of all....KRISTIN. As a friend of Kirstin Chenoweth, I was cheering her on with this super-funny sitcom...which didn't get ANY chance at all to succeed. She was so heartbroken, I bought her flowers.
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