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Cool August 2nd, 1983 - Z100 Debuts

It's 8 minutes after 6 AM, August the 2nd, 1983. (ringing of phone) Ladies and gentlemen, at this time, radio station WHTZ signs on the air. WHTZ is owned and operated by Malrite Communications and broadcast a frequency of 100.3 Mhz. WHTZ is licensed to the city of Newark, N.J., the studios and offices in Seacacus, N.J., transmitting tower and transmitter located in West Orange, N.J. Signing on the air. This is WHTZ, Newark (BOOM!!!) It's time to wake up!
On this date, August 2nd, 1983. Z100 made its debut. Scott Shannon was announced at appoxmately 6:08 AM and then the first song that was played was "The Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor, the song was also featured in the movie "Rocky 3". Z100 was born, and it became the FM first Top-40 radio station in New York City. The station made its debut a year after Musicradio WABC ended its Top 40 legend in 1982. Today, Z100 continued to become a Top-40 radio station in FM history. If you want to listen to this aircheck of the first day of Z100 as a Top-40 station, here it is!
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