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Originally Posted by Stuck In The '70's
I am interested in Terra Nova and Alcatraz. Is Terra Nova only going to be for 13 episodes next season regardless if it's a hit or not?
I was going to say the exact same thing! These two look the most intriguing.
Terra Nova is a concept that hasn't really been done before and Alcatraz seems like it'll be a nice twist to what is normally seen on TV.

I really hope they let Terra Nova develop, though. It seems like a show that needs to take a bit of time to get going into the story etc and FOX always get super impatient and cancels things the second it has one poorish night of ratings. Seems like a very expensive show to make so I'd expect they stick with it as long as possible. The reason I'm saying it's expensive is, well, they delayed the spring airing of the pilot because they're spending tons of time with special effects etc - makes it seem like a movie almost.

In fact, I find what a big problem is with some TV shows like this is (hard to say this with respect to this show since it hasn't aired yet) but some TV show concepts seem like they would just work better as movies. That's what I thought the second I saw the trailer for TNT's Falling Skies and what I think about when shows like The Event and FlashForward get cancelled during their first season on the air.
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