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Default Has it become a fad for stores and malls to open on Thanksgiving Night?

Every Thanksgiving I have noticed a fad that I wish would stop. Every Thanksgiving it seems that stores have a habit of having Black Friday sales and because of this the sales cause the stores to open early on Thanksgiving and I wish that the stores would start the Black Friday sales on Friday. Because I noticed that malls close at 6PM on Thanksgiving then open at 1AM or midnight. Is this because Thanksgiving gives shoppers an early start to get deals on items or is it because the stores want to get shoppers ready for the early bird deals? I have noticed that stores have been promoting Thanksgiving sales even before Thanksgiving comes and Kmart offers holiday deals such as free photos with Santa Claus for kids and Big Lots and Toys "R" Us offers the first 500 shoppers gift cards and Walmart has big Thanksgiving sales on anything from toys to electronics to clothing and Christmas items and I cannot see how these Thanksgiving sales have changed with the times and to me if I ran the stores I would start the sales on Friday and malls would announce special deals on the hour every day till Christmas and that would be smart for the malls to do. And another thing I noticed about these sales is that supermarkets are having Black Friday sales and opening early on Thanksgiving too. Is Thanksgiving sales being improved because of this?
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