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Default hey every one thanks for the birthday wishes!!

yes sorry i ment Atlantis !! just also wanted to say thanks every one for wishing me an happy birthday!!
I bought with my birthday money!!
the perfect storm
die hard 4 :live free or die hard
batman the original trilogy on blu ray
bill & ted 1 & 2
back to the future the movie on dvd
mom & dad save the world dvd
down to earth dvd
transformers prime one shall stand one shall fall computer Animated min TV series
Transformers prime :beast wars the third season computer Animated TV series
transformers more the meets the eye Animated TV series
the 100 hundred the first season
the 100 hundred the second season
Hawaii five o the fourth season
Hawaii five o reboot the fifth season
Denison the menace fan favorites 1960 to 1969 black & white family sitcom TV series
mighty moping power rangers turbo volume one
mighty morphing power rangers turbo volume two
mighty moping power rangers zeo volume one
mighty moping power rangers zeo volume two
mighty morphing power rangers light speed rescuer the complete TV series

recently gotten t-shirts & hats :
batman hat
American flag hat
marvelís the wolverine t-shirt
Marvelís mighty thor t-shirt
mighty morphing power rangers t-shirt
marvelís guardians of the galaxy rocket /groot t-shirt
batman / super man t-shirt

Recently picked up at amazon
justice league gods & monsters Animated movie
super man vs. the elite /super man unbound Animated movie
batman / super man Apocalypse Animated movie
Disney's Addling return of jar far / king of thieves Animated movie
star trek beyond
miss peregrine's home for peculiar children
impractical jokers the fourth season
impractical jokers the third season
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