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Default Hypothetical: What would an AD spinoff look like?

Imagine that AD became a top ranked TV show, destined to be on the air for 10 years or more. Such shows often generate spinoffs. What would your idea for a spinoff of AD look like. I have two ideas:

1) "American Dreams: The Early Years": Set in 1938, with the nation still in Depression, but increasingly moving to a wartime footing, the show would detail the experiences of young Jack Pryor in his working class household; his tense relationship with his father and brother Ted, and his protective relationship with younger brother Pete. Maybe we could even see the "incident" in the South Pacific in 1943 that Jack never liked to talk about.

2) "American Dreams: The 21st Century": I'd have the pilot set in September 2001, with Will Pryor and his wife raising three children in New York City. 9/11 would be in the pilot in some way.
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