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Here's a couple ideas.

I know that the last post was 5 years ago, but I only recently discovered this forum.

Twisters and Cheaters:
The girls are invited by Rebecca to join her and her new beau for a vacation at his family's farm in Kansas, but when Blanche catches Rebecca's boyfriend cheating on her, she ponders over telling Rebecca as huge storm with the potential of creating tornadoes bears down on the area; Sophia goes missing during the storm.

Rose's Wedding (a THREE-part episode):

Part One:
Miles proposes to Rose for real and she accepts.

Part Two:
While the girls are making plans for the wedding, Rose is torn between moving in with Miles or having him move in with the girls.

Part Three:
Rose and Miles get married and Miles moves in with the girls. Rose's other three children who never appeared on the series, Janella, Charlie Jr. and Adam, finally make appearances and, along with Kirsten and Bridget, immediately begin taking likings their new stepfather.

Sorry, but those are the only ideas I have right now.
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