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Question Where Was Hooterville Located at?

The answer to this question has always been a mystery. Was Hooterville located in Illinois because there were references to Chicago in a few of the episodes?

Was Hooterville located in California because the opening scenes of "GREEN ACRES" were filmed in a rural area north of Los Angeles? (I hope that the Douglases' farmhouse was earthquake proof.)

Was Hooterville located in the South because a lot of the characters either had Southern accents or Southern-sounding names? Could it have been located in either the Ozarks, the Great Smokey Mountains, the Appalachians, or even the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

If it was 81 degrees on Christmas Eve, could Hooterville have been located in Florida? I don't think so because I've been to Florida and it doesn't have mountainous or hilly terrain?

In the episode in which Lisa and Oliver were in New York on a two-week vacation, an old girlfriend of Oliver said to him that he bought a farm in Connecticut? Could it have been there?

The answer to this question will always remain a mystery.
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