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Default Poor Things! Actors/Actresses Who Had A Couple Or More Failed Series

Corinne Bohrer--> E/R (1984 series), Free Spirit, Man Of The People, and Partners

McLeon Stevenson--> Hello Larry, Condo, In The Beginning, Dirty Dancing and a few others I know he did, but I can't recall the names.

Jessica Lundy--> The Carol Burnett Show (1991 series), The Second Half and the other sitcom with Alan Thicke around 1995.

Edan Gross--> Sweet Surrender, Free Spirit and Walter And Emily

Ashleigh Blair Sterling--> Family Man and Getting By

Robert Guilluame--> The Robert Guilluame Show and Pacific Station

Joel Murray--> Grand and Pacific Station

Richard Libertini--> The Fanelli Boys and Pacific Station

Cloris Leachman--> The Nutt House, Walter And Emily and Thanks

Ellen Regan--> Me And Mrs. C and 13 East

Some of these people had quite a few under their belt. Its a wonder some of them remained in the business after so many failed TV shows.
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