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Awwww....thanks guys! I don't know what to say!

*steps up to podium and clears throat*

Shelle: It all started 27 years ago on a chilly early Autumn night. A middle aged makeup counter sales woman and her grouchy, sleep-deprived husband (grouchy because he'd just been beaned on the side of the face with a wet washcloth) welcomed a screaming, red, wiggly bundle of auburn-haired rebeliousness into their hearts and home....

*music starts and Brad Garrett attempts to lead Shelle off the stage*

Shelle: Wait! I'm not done! I didn't even get to tell them about bean I got stuck in my nose when I was four!

*the cast of Friends comes on and drags Shelle away*

Shelle: Nooooo!!!! Jon Stewart, I love you! Go Patriots!

*Audience looks at each other and just shrugs*

Random man to lady next to him: Was that Christina Applegate?

Lady: Nooooo. I think it was Conan O'Brien in drag.


Sorry...must be a sugar high from all that birthday cake! Can you tell I've been watching the Emmys? LOL
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